Truck Company 2-Course Package

Master both the inside and outside teams for a full Aggressive Truck Company Course Certification. Includes both courses below, regularly priced at $49 each.

The Inside Team

There are 4 principal duties the inside team must perform. In the first half of our truck company series, we’ll discuss how to build your company to effectively and aggressively accomplish the top 4 missions of the inside team..

  • Building the Aggressive Truck Company

  • Forcible Entry - Getting Us In

  • Rescuing Fire Victims

  • Opening Up

The Outside Team

To be most effective, members of the outside truck must be able to think quickly and critically to analyze the building, fire scenario, and other operations to determine the most effective and appropriate actions, and their order of priority. ​ This training program will discuss essential tips, skills, and tactics to effectively and aggressively accomplish the mission of the outside team.

  • Outside vent duties & decision-making

  • Prioritizing fireground tasks

  • Laddering the structure

  • Forcible entry of egress challenges

  • The science and reality of ventilation

  • Ventilation: horizontal, vertical, other, or all?

  • Flat Roof Ventilation - tactics & techniques

  • Peaked Roof Ventilation - tactics & techniques

  • Ventilation to stop fire spread

With this program you'll get...

Highly dynamic training courses packed with incident studies from the instructor's own experience, real fireground video scenes, and a lot of motivation to ignite passion for the job. It is delivered from the perspective of street-smart firefighting, and provides proven skills and tactics that can be implemented immediately to improve your fireground - and stop the fire where you found it. These courses include over 4 hours of on-demand training you can take all at once or in segments as you choose. Our programs are all delivered in high quality 4K video and can be accessed from any device. You'll receive a certificate of completion, plus you'll be a part of an incredible online training community with access to exclusive live Q&A's and a wealth of shared knowledge.


Like tomorrow could be the worst fire of your career.


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